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22 novembro, 2014

Faux fur coats | trend

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Faux fur coats

Faux fur coats by andreafindyway featuring a faux fur outfit

1|| HERE      2|| HERE      3|| HERE      4|| HERE      5|| HERE      6|| HERE      7|| HERE      8|| HERE

I've always been a fan of faux fur coats and now that they are reborn, I'm completely obsessed. I already have one that I showed you here, but I don't rest until I get another. The difficulty is in choosing one, I love it all! What is your favorite? Enjoy the weekend! <3


Sempre fui fã de faux fur coats e agora que eles renasceram, estou completamente obcecada. Já tenho aquele que vos mostrei aqui mas, não descanso enquanto não conseguir outro. A dificuldade está em escolher um, adoro todos! Qual é o vosso preferido? Enjoy the weekend! <3

7 comentários :

  1. My favorites are the 2 e 8. Are beautiful.

  2. I want them all!
    ps. I just added on G+ so I won't miss your posts, I hope you'll do the same!
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  3. FASHION!!!

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    Ti aspetto!


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