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23 abril, 2015

You're the cure, you're the pain

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21 abril, 2015

Only half a blue sky

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19 abril, 2015

NEW IN | spring sounds

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16 abril, 2015

There's a light inside all of us

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13 abril, 2015

NEW IN | decor

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10 abril, 2015

Then take my breath and never let it go

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06 abril, 2015

INSPIRATION | spring mood

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spring inspiration

spring inspiration by andreafindyway featuring a white shirt

I'm definitely in spring spirit! Who's with me? I bought a baggy jeans like these that who follow me on instagram ever had the opportunity to see. Look with them soon. Stay tuned. Hope you have a lovely week! <3


Estou definitivamente em modo primavera! Quem está comigo? Comprei umas baggy do género destas que quem me segue no instagram já teve a oportunidade de ver. Look com elas em breve. Stay tuned. Hope you have a lovely week! <3

02 abril, 2015

boho inspo at the airport

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